* Change through Coaching or Mentoring *
We are prisoners of our experience
(Tom Dobinson)
All people and organisations have mindsets, rituals and prejudices that are frequently unnoticed and unacknowledgedbut which can severely restrict their ability to resolve problems or to deliver success.
Often the greater our experience the more vulnerable we are to being imprisoned by it.  History is full of organisations and individuals who achieved great success but ultimately failed because they could not  recognise that the way their established practices could no longer work.
Usually  it needs someone else, a third party,  to unlock the doors in the mind so that it can become creative again. At OpenHeath we have significant experience of helping groups and individuals break free from these prisons in their minds.
Since we are all unique, we offer no one recipe, rather we develop a unique process for each of our clients that suits their needs. We do not try to teach or tell our clients what to do.  Instead we aim to enable them to utilise their knowledge, skills and experience  differently.   This is done by using a number of different techniques to stimulate different ways of thinking which can range from:
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